When You’re Trying to Sleep And You Cannot

When you are trying to sleep and you cannot, it is an extremely frustrating experience. Most of us are okay with losing an occasional night’s sleep. However, if the problem continues it can really begin to interfere with your life.

Some insomnia side effects include an increased propensity to become ill and a decrease in your overall performance. If getting a good night’s sleep has become a challenge to you, here are some things that you might want to consider.

Chances are, your sleep environment is impacting how you sleep much more than you currently realize. While most people think to make sure that their mattress is as good as they can afford, they often fail to address other issues. How bright your room is, the temperature and the amount of clutter are also key factors in how you sleep.

A dirty or cluttered room makes it very difficult to fully relax. Before you go to bed each night, take the time to make sure that your room is neat and free from any clutter. It is important to avoid eating in bed because crumbs can really disturb your sleep.

Make sure that your room is neither too hot or too cold so that your body isn’t fighting to regulate its temperature all night long. You should do some experimentation to figure out at what temperature you sleep best. Most people sleep their best at around 70 degrees. If your room is too bright, this can interfere with your natural sleep rhythms.

Getting blackout shades is a good way to ensure that your room is free from excess light. If this is not possible, consider purchasing a sleep mask. If you are trying to find ways to fall asleep, addressing your sleeping environment is key. You just may be surprised at how much impact a few small changes can make.

I can hardly believe how last week went!  One day I went into my office and found a packet from one of our local television stations that was letting me know my business Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage For Women had been nominated for their “Vote 4 The Best” contest!  Then, the very next day, I received an email letting me know that my blog (this little blog!) had been awarded as one of Online Nursing’s top 30 Doula blogs!  What an amazing week!

I have to thank all my readers, clients, friends, and my family for supporting me for the past 6 years.  I also recently hired a new therapist to work with me, thus extending the opportunity to receive great massage therapy to even more women in our community.

Massage therapy was once thought of as a luxury that only the rich could afford.  However, recent studies have shown that as the stress levels of average Americans increases, their awareness that regular massage therapy is actually going to support their health and well-being is also increasing.

Low-back pain, chronic pain, and frequent headaches are some of the most common reasons for people to visit their doctors.  However, with healthcare costs rising and more people losing their health insurance, massage therapy is actually a very affordable option for pain relief.  It also helps improve your sleep and lower stress hormones.

Likewise, having a Doula at your birth is becoming more recognized as an essential part of a woman’s preventative healthcare.  Studies have shown that Doula-attended births have lower frequencies of high-cost interventions such as episiotomies, epidurals, and cesarean sections.  Having a Doula at your birth can lower the overall cost and increase your sense of empowerment, satisfaction, and speed your recovery.

It is my honor to be recognized as an expert in both aspects of a profession that I love.  Being a busy woman, helping to support other busy women, is a privilege that I will always be grateful for.  Life is full of ups and downs, trials and joys, and through it all, I will try to remember this week and that “Great Things Can Happen”, and do!