Speakers at TEDx Tacoma


  • Amy Young
  • Bradd Busick
  • Chip Huth
  • Chris von Lersner
  • Dean Burke
  • Hannah Williams
  • Karen Povey
  • Maria Chavez
  • Maria Oszova Johnson
  • Matthew Griffin
  • Michael Quinlan
  • Olivia Andersen
  • Peter Chiarelli

More about speakers you can learn here: https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/13269

Speakers TEDx Tacoma 2014

TEDxTacoma 2014 speakers represent a wide diversity of backgrounds and specialties:

Technology: Speakers include Milenko Matanovic, who runs the non-profit Pomegranate Center

Entertainment: Speakers include Vicci Martinez, local singer-songwriter who was a finalist on NBC’s The Voice,
and Bob Rivers, host of morning radio program The Bob Rivers Show on 97.5 KJR-FM.

Design: Speakers include Adam Argyle, a web developer who will address emerging and modern ways the internet
and web development are helping the world connect and be more productive.

Speakers TEDx Tacoma 2013

Theater on the Square Tacoma, United States
Speakers included: Cyrus Brown , Lyle Quasim, Melannie Cunningham, Lisa Hallett, Steve Lantry, Jesse Smith, Rainbow Fletcher, Ingrid Walker, Teresa Escrig, Chris Britt, Dennis Nichols, Maureen Whiting,David Curry, Amy E. Ryken, Charlene Strong,Kellie Richardson

Speakers TEDx Tacoma 2012

Speakers included: Eric Van Alstine, Janine Terrano, Joe Dispenza, D.C, Joe Kane, Kathleen O’Brien,  Kristin Lynett , Scott Ercoliani,Donald Byrd,JD Elquist, Patricia Talton,Romanita Hairston,Salvador A. Mungia, Danielle Graham, Joe Mirabella, Megan Sukys, Paul Rucker