How to find your new career?

With a parallel career, you can have the proverbial cake (change career) and eat it as well (keep your job).

Begin your career change assessment by taking  a career test and then looking at your current and previous jobs. Knowing your personality traits and having knowledge of certain skills new processes and practices, you must have picked up will help you to make a decision.

If you are in a senior executive position, other perks may include: company vehicle, club membership, stay in 5-star hotels, fly business class, magazine subscriptions, overseas travel, attend exhibitions, etc. We call all these your Assets and Skill set.

The first part of your career change assessment is to identify your Assets and Skill set.


Combine this with the comfort of a monthly paycheck and the result is a much less stressful career change experience and a faster arrival at your end goal.Emphasize: It’s easier when you’re still getting your monthly paycheck. Example of how you can leverage your Assets and Skill set in your parallel career:

Your Skillset How it Can be Leveraged
Your general skills Will be very useful in your parallel career.
Your special skills Others may be willing to pay you a fee for these skills. You could start a parallel career as a specialist or produce an infoproduct (example manual or e-book).
Learned new processes & practices Others may be willing to pay you a fee for this knowledge. You could start a parallel career as a specialist or produce an infoproduct (example manual or e-book).
Acquired industry knowledge Will be very useful in your parallel career.
Gained experience and learned from mistakes Will be very useful in your parallel career.
Your Assets
Met many people Some of them could be your customers.
A positive reputation Helps to open doors to kickstart your parallel career.
Access to customer/supplier lists* A good place to start looking for your own customers/suppliers.
Company vehicle If itÂ’s a luxury vehicle, it adds to your status. If itÂ’s a workhorse,  you could save on the occasional transport costs for moving your products.
Club membership Adds to your status. Added status normally adds to credibility.
Stay in 5-star hotels Enhances your status when you conduct meetings in these hotels.
Fly business class Opportunity to meet successful people who will also perceive you as being successful. Your next customer might be one of these people.
Magazine subscriptions You could select those that also contain relevant material on your parallel career.
Overseas travel Opportunity to meet potential customers and suppliers
Go for exhibitions , expos, trade mission trips Opportunity to source for latest products and test market yours.

An important question to ask when starting a new career is “Does your venture conflict with the interests of your employer?” If you are marketing similar products or serving to the same industry as your employer, a conflict may exist.

There’s always a fine line to be drawn between what’s allowable and what’s in conflict. Re-read your terms of employment and if still in doubt consult a legal specialist.


If you enjoy what you do then work becomes play. You would trade anything (maybe, almost anything) for a career change that makes work into play, wouldn’t you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the rest of your working life doing the things that you enjoy doing? A sport? Music? Art? Literature? Computers? Cars? Helping others? A charitable cause? When you enjoy what youÂ’re doing there is no need to drag yourself to work. Why not look for a parallel career that makes work into play?

(1) Do you have a passion for something? Example: modifying cars, golf or ceramic art?
(2) Do you have a natural talent? Perhaps, youÂ’re very good at expounding difficult subjects and make it easy for others to understand. Or your advice on home decoration is always sought by your relatives and friends.
(3) Is your choice of parallel career something that will make a difference in the lives of others? Maybe youÂ’ve always wanted to help homeless teenagers in your city. Or maybe your mission in life is to save sea turtles from extinction.

Whether it’syour passion, talent or mission you’ve spent quite a lot of time thinking about it. You’ve read much about it. You’re naturally attracted to anything about it whether you’re browsing books in a bookshop or when a program about it is on TV.  If it’s a passion or talent you may even had lots of practice doing it. If it’s a mission, you’ve most likely been dreaming about it ever since you were young.

The second part of your career change assessment is to identify your passion, talent and mission.

Below are some examples showing how your passion, talent or mission can give birth to a parallel career opportunity:

Example 1 of career change assessment


Modifying cars

Parallel career opportunity:  

One or a combination of these could be the opportunity that you’re looking for to start your parallel career:

(a)  Advertise your services and modify cars for others for a fee

(b)  Distribute exciting car accessories

(c)   Publish a website on “How to modify cars” and you could include the top ten most well-modified cars where car enthusiasts send photos of their modified cars and your site visitors vote the top ten.

(d)  Sell unusual accessories on your website

Example 2 of career change assessment


You’re very good at expounding difficult subjects and making it easy for others to understand.

Parallel career opportunity:  

These ideas could get your parallel career on track:

Research material on popular yet difficult subjects. Use your talent  to create a series of easy-to-understand e-books on these subjects. Typical subjects:

  •  “How did the Universe begin?”
  •  “Reincarnation or Resurrection?”
  •  “When will the Israel-Arab conflict ever end?”
  •  “The difficult choices the U.S. President must make”

Tip: Producing and distributing e-books are easy and cost very little these days

(b)  You could create video’s or write ebook of the above as well

(c)   Sell these on your own website or get others to sell for you.

Example 3 of career change assessment


You’ve always wanted to help homeless teenagers in your city.

Parallel career opportunity:  

Your parallel career could be started and developed as follows:

(a)   Speak to your local council, community group or religious group and share your ideas and strategies on this social problem

(b)   Be actively involved in activities and projects dealing with this problem

(c)   Be visible by taking positions of leadership (e.g. committee leader, zone supervisor).