Communication in the workplace. Difference between upward and downward

The term communication simply means passing of information and ideas to anotherUpward_Communication person. Any type of communication becomes successful when the receiver of the communication completely understands the meaning of the message of the sender. Yet it’s not as simple as it sounds like. Moreover, effective workplace communication is the most significant things which are required in every growing business.

So, improving communication in the workplace is significant for the success of any business. I have seen many examples hugely successful communication solutions implemented and having well set-up communication is a success or failure factor.

The effective communication in the work place is always important for the smooth functioning of any organization. The superior of the organization must communicate clearly the goal and policies of the organization to their subordinates in order to get the better productivity from them. Or otherwise, their may the possibilities of developing a grapevine network and absenteeism among the workers.

In any type of communication process, feedback plays a significant role. It normally helps us to judge the effectiveness of the communication. By giving chance to speak freely help the subordinate to know their responsibility and involve them in the difficult decisions of the organization. So creating a free feedback climate is always beneficial for the organization.

In a workplace there are generally two types of major communication procedures which are carefully listed below:

1. Upward communication: This type of communication helps the superiors of the organization to understand the feelings and the satisfaction level of the employees in an organization. It is important to remember that if your employees are not satisfied and don’t enjoy the work then they might not do the work properly and at the same time it would be harmful for the organization. Discomfort in the work place always reduces the productivity among the employees.

2. Downward Communication: Downward communication is helpful to give the job instructions, provides the policies and roles to the employees in the organization. Moreover, the employees working on the same level must share a good communication between them or otherwise team work is not possible in the organization.

Communication in workplace reminds me about parenting. It is true that parenting doesn’t come with the handbook. In reality, you would suppose to know when you become a parent. Some people learn and read books, while others talk with professionals to learn parenting.

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