Future technology for education

Both training and learning are being improved by developments which are permitting more innovation to be used in everyday college lessons. A brand-new sensation, of ‘linked knowing’, is arising, which is requiring that students and students in every phase of their education, right to college, have greater technological know-how in order to have the ability to participate fully, and discover their full potential.

In response to this higher use of modern technology, numerous professionals claim that the values of the class of the future should alter, come to be one where synergy and collective learning and sharing of encounters will certainly be essential.

The huge danger that many educators see of this drive to higher embracing of modern technology is that some pupils will merely be released from exactly what is going on in the class.

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Education 2020 – Let´s make the educational change

Some educational experiments prove that there must be a change in how we are being educated. In Sugata Mitra´s experiment, for instance, the biggest hit is self-teaching in groups. Another example of teaching adults gathered in groups is the “microlearning”, a cooperative learning technique for the GED test that reduces anxiety among adult going back to school, promotes better learning, improves student motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience thanks to short practice tests and video lessons.

Sugata Mitra, a  professor of educational technology,  has made an awesomely interesting experiment in self-teaching. Some computers with internet connection were put in public places at the level of children (embedded to walls in a slum in New Delhi and later on in other parts of the world), for them to use freely.

Children from various ages that didn’t speak any English, had never seen a computer or knew what the internet was, learned to download games, software to record themselves singing and play it back and much more. Much of their accomplishments done in less than four hours using those computers for the first time

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Reverse Psychology

Despite occasional surges in the stock market, the trend has mostly been a downward spiral of gloom and despair. The technology-drenched Nasdaq has plummeted more than 25 percent this year. As a result, investors have been running for shelter. But that flight to safety is a little backward.

A year ago, when stock prices were sky high, investors were loading up on risk, justifying enormous valuations even though the stocks could–and did–lose most of their value. Ordinary investors were clamoring for a piece of that riskiest market—initial public offerings.

Now investors distrust tech stocks even though they’re at more normal prices, and therefore, have less potential to plunge. Few IPOs can come to market, and individuals shun them. How risky is an investment in Cisco Systems now, with its stock around $13, compared with a year ago, when its stock was at $72?

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What does Microsoft Research do?

Several years ago, under the bright, hot stage lights of Las Vegas, Bill Gates faced a difficult job: How was Microsoft’s then-CEO going to rev up a jaded, tech-savvy Comdex crowd about the launch of Office 97, a relatively uninteresting, and essentially mature, product category? His answer: artificial intelligence capability, in the shape of Clippit, the Office Assistant.

Behind the assistant’s coy paperclip persona was advanced natural language processing and AI software straight out of the company lab-Microsoft Research (MSR). Gates’ demonstration was a success, but his real audience, the millions of corporate and retail customers who buy Microsoft products, was ultimately unimpressed.

Although it represented a small step along the long road toward natural computer-human interaction, the Office Assistant feature didn’t add much pizzazz and is often disabled by users. Microsoft also develops software that’s used in online GED education, the high school equivalency program for youth and adults that did not complete their regular high school education.

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Side Projects – Building Your Professional Playground

I come from a school where everyone has it in them to be an entrepreneur. Though my journey to self-employment consisted of quitting my full-time job before even opening the bar, paying my personal bills out of the change jars I amassed through years of bartending.

As I lived in my in-laws basement for almost 3 years while our business grew, I can fully understand why someone wouldn’t want to jump in head first like that, especially if you have a career you enjoy, serious debt, or you just plain don’t want to be a basement dweller for any period of time. .

That’s where side projects come in. The good news is, as a blogger, unless you specifically blog as your career, you are already indulging in a side project. Even if you aren’t making money, taking the time to actually work on something outside of the realm of your assigned daily routine is essentially what a side project is all about.

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Exploring Your Passion As A Source Of Income

Many people write about quitting the 9 to 5 and doing your own thing.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, it’s an admirable goal to have.  That being said, you CAN excel at your current gig and explore your passion at the same time.


I’ve been with the same company now for 5 years.  In the technology space, this is already good.  I’ve been fortunate enough to move up the ranks and it’s been a rewarding journey.  As I’ve been writing before, I’m in corporate technology sales.

I cherish the work I’m privileged to do with my clients.  The relationships I have in my industry are very fulfilling.  I value them more than anything else I do in my work environment.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have other passions or things I want to explore.  Hence, I started writing and working with others to improve their lives and work performance.

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MBA degree for an Associate Brand Manager

A Day in the Life of James M. BRAND MANAGEMENT

Anthony is the Associate brand manager for an international consumer packaged goods company; Michigan, U.S.A./ We talked with him how his MBA education helped him to succeed in his job.

What I Do

For my brand, which is a well-known frozen food, I am responsible for understanding consumer behavior, including all the analysis and interpretation of market research studies.

I am also responsible for defining and developing consumer promotion as part of the overall marketing mix. This includes packed promotions (sweepstakes, free-in-mail, etc.) and couponing.

I take advantage of scanner data, information systems, and intelligence to track category and brand performance by region, SKU, product lines, etc., to determine necessary future actions and adjustments to the plan.

I am also involved in the process of developing and defining communication materials and strategies (advertising), and for managing innovation projects in conjunction with a multifunctional team to create growth and value for the brand.

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Surviving the Teenage Years when you have Asperger’s Syndrome

We all remember high school, don’t we? The friends, the enemies, the social rules that changed every day. It was crazy for us. But just imagine how much more difficult it is for teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The strangest IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting I ever conducted was with a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. For the sake of this post, we will call him Fred.

Fred was in a meeting with me, his parents and five of his teachers. Fred was comfortable with the meeting as he had been involved in IEP meetings since he was 8. When I asked him what he thought his goals needed to be for the next semester he clearly articulated the following:

  • I want to be able to talk to 5 girls
  • I want someone to laugh at a joke I say
  • I want to be asked to go to someone’s house after school.

Pretty clear goals don’t you think!

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TEDx in Tacoma Events

TEDx was hosted in Tacoma 6 times and it is called TEDxTacoma, an independently organized TED event.

This post is about the event that took place on November 16, 2018-5: 00 pm – 9:00 pm PST
American Lake Conference Center
8085 NCO Beach Road
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, 98438

Previous events: 

  • April 22. 2016 Tacoma, WA
  • March 21, 2015 Tacoma, WA
  • February 28th 2014 Tacoma, WA
  • May 3rd, 2013 Tacoma, WA
  • April 17th, 2012 Tacoma, WA
  • Apr 23, 2010  Tacoma, WA
This presentation by James Veitch: “This is what happens when you reply to spam email” is one of the best I have seen so far. 


TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. Started as a four-day conference in California 26 years ago, TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. At TED, the world’s leading thinkers and doers are asked to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Talks are then made available, free, at TED.com. 2 major TED events are held each year: The TED Conference and TEDGlobal.

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How to find your new career?

With a parallel career, you can have the proverbial cake (change career) and eat it as well (keep your job).

Begin your career change assessment by taking  a career test and then looking at your current and previous jobs. Knowing your personality traits and having knowledge of certain skills new processes and practices, you must have picked up will help you to make a decision.

If you are in a senior executive position, other perks may include: company vehicle, club membership, stay in 5-star hotels, fly business class, magazine subscriptions, overseas travel, attend exhibitions, etc. We call all these your Assets and Skill set.

The first part of your career change assessment is to identify your Assets and Skill set.


Combine this with the comfort of a monthly paycheck and the result is a much less stressful career change experience and a faster arrival at your end goal.Emphasize: It’s easier when you’re still getting your monthly paycheck. Example of how you can leverage your Assets and Skill set in your parallel career:

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